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Tyres are being dumped in the car park of East Huntspill Playing Field Again!!
This is the third time this has happened. 
It is dangerous and costs money to remove them. 
The Parish Council will have to pay directly to have them removed in future.
The tyres are a fire hazard (toxic smoke and chemicals being released) and can harm the environment.
How do we prevent this from happening again? Or worse something more serious being dumped, ie asbestos! 
Other areas in the parish may also start being used a dumping ground – anywhere with an open space. 
The Parish Clerk has reported this to the police and Sedgemoor District Council each time.
What can we do to prevent this from becoming a regular illegal dumping ground?
· More lighting on the Pavilion building.  Put up a sign “smile you are on camera due to fly tipping” - perhaps?
· Putting a lockable barrier on the car park to prevent lorries entering (may also help prevent other damage to the playing field)
· CCTV (this would need a surveillance authority application – and would only be for the short term)
· Residents being vigilant and reporting any dumping   (Do not approach if you see someone fly tipping or touch the items - but get the details and report it).
How East Huntspill residents can fight fly-tipping
Tyres fly-tipped in East Huntspill's village hall car park is a reminder that no community in Somerset escapes the predations of the criminals who live in our midst yet despise the law-abiding society most of us value and appreciate.
Fly-tipping is a tough crime to prevent, detect or convict, given Somerset's quiet places, lack of identifying evidence in common dumped materials, such as rubble, tyres and garden waste, and the cost and delay of taking offenders to court. Where evidence can be found, the simpler, swifter punishments of the new £400 fixed penalty tickets for fly-tipping are being imposed by Sedgemoor District Council (SDC), which works closely with neighbouring local authorities to tackle dumping.
But what can East Huntspill residents themselves do to fight fly-tipping, aside from reporting suspicious activity? Luckily, there is a lot that we can all do to both combat dumping and stay safe from criminals.
All the waste dumped has to come from somewhere, such as you when you get building work done, do deals at a cheap garage, have a tree cut down, or hire a man-and-van to take rubbish away - and your waste gets dumped. Every person and business has a legal duty of care to look after their waste until it is correctly disposed of, whether preventing their recycling from being blown down the street before the weekly collection, or in asking the right questions of tradespeople.
The key step is to choke off the supply of fly-tipping and drive the crooks out of business by taking these simple steps when having work done that produces waste or hiring someone to take away rubbish or recycling, such as bulky items:
Þ Never pay cash; get a receipt with name, address, waste carrier licence etc.
Þ Check their waste licence with the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506.
Þ Get a copy of the waste transfer note that proves it was disposed of correctly.
Þ Keep details of names, descriptions, phone numbers, registration numbers.
Þ Don't be a Facebook Fly-tipper; never do deals with people on social media.
If you do not take these steps and your waste is dumped, you risk being given a fixed penalty notice or taken to court yourself. And do remember that dumping waste may be the least of a fly-tipper's crimes; hiring one to take away waste also means you are paying them to check over your property and return later to make you the victim of more crimes.
A smart move if you or someone you know needs furniture or other large items removing is to ring SDC on get an at-cost council bulky waste collection; all fully legal and if others offer a cheaper deal than the council, your waste risks being dumped. Alternatively, ask trusted friends, neighbours, work colleagues or family if they can take you and your waste at no cost to the recycling site.
For more information on fighting fly-tipping, visit: https://www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/fly-tipping/


3 Weekly Collection of Non Recycling could be happening here in Sedgemoor by 2019

3 Weekly Collection of Non Recycling could be happening here in Sedgemoor by 2019

Recycling will continue every week.


Please place your refuse and recycling on the edge of your property by 7:00am on your collection day, and no earlier than the night before.    
Recycling and food waste is collected on a weekly basis, whilst general refuse will be collected once per fortnight, normally in a wheeled bin provided by Sedgemoor District Council. 0845 408 2450
You can find your collection day within Interactive Mapping on Line.  Having launched the application, enter your postcode and select your house from the list. Next, click within the boundary of your property (not on the house itself) to view the information.   

All households have been issued with


• a green recycling box
• a black recycling box
• a brown lockable food waste box, plus brown kitchen caddy
• a black wheeled bin



Sort It Plus Leaflet 

Weekly Green Box 1
Paper - includes newspapers, magazines, leaflets, printed paper, white envelopes and telephone directories.
Glass bottles and jars - please rinse.
Aluminium foil - clean (not paper or plastic backed)
Clothes - bagged to keep dry
Shoes - tied in pairs and bagged
Please do not put clothes or shoes out on a wet day.

Weekly Black Box 2
Food and drinks can
Plastic bottles only - no tops
Cardboard - (flattened) including corrugated, cereal packets and cards
Brown envelopes

The following items cannot be put out for recycling:
Drinks cartons or Tetra Pak, broken glass, Pyrex, window glass, tableware, light bulbs, plastic pots, tubs or film, plastic bottles used for engine oil and garden or DIY chemicals. Household batteries - see below about these.

Weekly Food Waste
Small food waste caddy Keep the caddy in your kitchen. Newspaper can be used to wrap food waste or to line kitchen caddies. Special starch-based compostable liners can also be purchased from retailers throughout Somerset.  You can put the following in: Any raw & cooked food. Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, bread, pasta, cereal, tea bags, coffee grounds, cheese and egg shells.
Large food waste bin The large food waste bin locks when the handle is fully forward. This prevents spills if the bin is knocked over and protects the contents of the bins from animals. You can line the large bin if you wish with newspapers or approved compostable liners.

Fortnightly refuse

Black wheeled bin Household waste that cannot be collected for recycling
or composting should go in this bin. No garden waste or bulky, heavy or hazardous items.

Household Recycling Centres
The nearest Centres to the Parish are at Highbridge and Bridgwater.
Opening times are as follows:
Centre Mon Tues-Wed Thu-Fri Sat Sun
8am-7pm Closed 8am-4pm 8am-4pm 8am-1pm
Bridgwater 8am-4pm 8am-4pm 8am-4pm 8am-4pm 8am-4pm
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Car batteries can be left for kerbside recycling. From 1st February 2010 all large retailers of household batteries are required to provide a drop-off point for used batteries. This should include supermarkets and large newsagents. Batteries can also be left at Household Waste Recycling Centres - nearest one in Cheddar off Wedmore Road.
Further information about recycling can be obtained by accessing the Somerset Waste Partnership website -
Highbridge – Isleport Business Park, Bennett Rd TA9 4PW
Bridgwater – Saltlands Avenue, Chilton Trinity TA6 3JG

Thursday Fortnightly Recycling for Black Wheely Bins

Natural Christmas trees under 6ft can be collected. If you pay for garden waste collections you can put them out on normal garden waste collection days for composting. Otherwise, take to Recycling Centre or put out the tree on your normal refuse collection day between (TBC)         for disposal. Place the tree next to your bin or sack. Remove all decorations.

Bad weather

In the event of severe weather disrupting waste and recycling collection services the following general principles will apply.
Somerset Waste Partnership will try to maintain services, if this can be done safely, in general from gritted roads or those assessed as safe by the collection vehicle driver. Among key factors that apply are: road conditions, access past parked cars, risks to public or crews.
  • If collections are missed, staff will return as soon as conditions improve. Crews will work late and on Saturdays to catch up. Residents should put out refuse or recycling by 7am for three working days; if no collection is made by then, take back in and put out by 7am on the next usual collection day.
  • Extra waste will be accepted alongside containers. Put rubbish in black sacks, recycling in carrier bags and food in covered buckets or with rubbish.
  • Garden and bulky waste collections may be suspended to maintain main services. Clinical waste collections will restart as soon as possible.
  • Recycling sites take recycling (including garden waste) and rubbish (including food waste in black sacks, but only in the “cannot be recycled at this facility” skip). Please check if site is open before travelling.
  • Ensure neighbours, especially elderly or vulnerable, have correct information.
  • Check for guidance and updates on the Somerset Waste Partnership website or our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Alternatively, listen to local radio or check with your local council.

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