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In this section of the site you will find links to the minutes
of parish council meetings held this year.  
April is the Annual Parish Council Meeting and May is the Annual Parish Meeting.
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Reports from Councillors for 2016-2017
From Heather Dixon
Website  Updating of website with:
-      All Agendas and Minutes for all Committees for current months due
-      All Updated Policies and Audits & Declarations of Interest for the Parish Council
-      Bus Service and Allotment Information
-      News and Events for East Huntspill and local area
-      Updates on local services, ie recycling and refuse info, new doctors available
Social Media - Facebook continues to be a useful way of communicating within East Huntspill and at present there are 309 members of this group.  The communication mainly being events hosted by EHPC and notifications.
We still make use of the overhead projector within the Church Hall for meetings, which has been further enhanced by Superfast Broadband.  This has been especially useful in discussing planning matters.
Roads and Transport Report for Year ending April 2017
Matters arising during the year
I make no apology for putting this item in this year’s report (this is the fourth year running I have had to report this issue).
The weight restriction order at Woolavington is causing ongoing problems to East Huntspill as the Woolavington water park has continued to use HGV’s to fill up the water park lake. This means that up to 60 very heavy HGV movements a day are passing through East Huntspill. Numerous complaints have been received about this large increase of HGV’s though East Huntspill, most of them speeding. East Huntspill Parish Council has asked Councillor Mr Mark Healey (SCC) to see if he can assist us with this problem, but nothing has materialised. Councillor Filmer (SDC) has stated that the waterpark have another 100,000 tonnes to fill the waterpark and create a new velodrome structure. They are allowed to have 60 movements a day. Recent repairs have been carried out to the highway again which may well have been required due to all these HGV movements.
b.      The police have been contacted on numerous occasions with regard to speeding cars and HGV’s. Speeding and accidents in East Huntspill seem to be a low priority for the police, although they are aware of the problem, but we are being told that this issue is being addressed as resources allow.
c.       One speed indicator device (S.I.D.) has been purchased by the Parish Council. Two councillors have attended a special training course and are now qualified to fit this new S.I.D.  in East Huntspill. Experience at Brent Knoll shows that the results sent to the police by the Parish Council, have been acted upon and this is why our Parish Council have decided to install these in the hope of reducing speeding in the village.
d.      Two Parish Councillors (Chairman & Vice Chairman) had a meeting with Sedgemoor Highways on 27th January 2016 to bring the following matters to the attention of Highways. 1. Cote Corner traffic speeding and numerous HGV’s using this narrow road. 2. Junction of Withy Road and Church Road speeding. 3. Watchfield Corner speeding. Mr Steve Watts and Mr Gary Warren (Highways Dept) said they would look into these problems. It was stated that the Cote Corner issue was difficult as it was outside the village speed limit. No replies have been received to date.
e.       The Parish Council have sent a request to County Councillor Healey (December 2016) to install a Zebra crossing under the small road scheme system. This would allow parishioners especially children to cross Church Road to the school. We have not received a reply on this yet but these applications take a long time as very few can be actioned.  
f.       The Parish Council have not received any information from National Grid (a private company) when they will start using Factory Lane Road for the building of the new pylons in this area.
Village Playing Field
Our Award Winning Playing Field is something everyone is proud of. Over the years thanks to grants and donations, it has evolved into a really functional recreation ground that various activities can be enjoyed by everyone.
The grass is cut regularly and hedges are trimmed. Also the play equipment is regularly inspected and maintained. If anyone finds a problem with any piece of the equipment, please ring the Parish Council. The telephone numbers are all in the East Huntspill and Bason Bridge Village News.
Just a word about litter. We do have two litter bins and we are encouraging everyone to use them. To keep our playing field safe, tidy and a pleasure to be in.
Bookings are going well Income is up on last year and this year looks even better.
We have hosted several wedding this year which have been very successful. The hall is an ideal size for medium to large events and it is fully licensed.
There are lots of activities going on in the hall so here are a few you may not know about.
Three different dog clubs now use the hall on a regular basis with dog agility held on Monday’s am, and Tuesday’s pm
Jazzercise is held every Thursday 7pm - 8pm. This is good fun for all abilities and a good way to start getting fit for the summer, if we ever have one. We also have;
Short Mat Bowls, Bingo, Art Club, Gardening Club, Bingo, Chip Van, Flea Market
All these activities are available to everyone, so please look in your parish magazine for details of times and dates etc.
We will be upgrading soon with new toilets, a purpose built bar and lighting in the car park We are also looking to install a defibulater.
The village hall is run by a very friendly committee headed by Mary Puddy. You can telephone on 01278 784321, If  Mary is not available, leave a message and Mary will get back to you as soon as is possible.


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