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The Crown Inn, dating back to the 17th Century, some believe with its own ghost.
In 1929 a Mr George and Mrs Ivy Salter took over the running of The Crown Inn for about 20 years. At that time only ‘Men’ folk went to frequent a public  house as it was not considered lady like for ladies to go drinking in public houses.
At the side of The Crown Inn, a small shop was sited selling sweets, provisions & Woodbines. A bag of sweets costing half a penny, probably more like a pound today!
The entrance to this shop was at the side of the Crown Inn with a place to tie up your horse.
Next door was Crown Cottage with an adjoining orchard.
On 27th December 1941, Mr Salter’s daughter Dorothy married Leonard Slocombe at All Saints Church, they moved into the then vacant Crown Cottage.
The village was growing with more houses being built in Withy Road and Cornmoor, so a bigger shop was needed. Crown Cottage was extended and renamed The Crown Stores, run by Dorothy and Leonard until 1976, 35 years of service to the village.  Dorothy was an active WI member and enjoyed taking part in The Harvest Home. Leonard died in 2002 after 26 years of retirement. Dorothy still maintains an interest in village life, their daughter, Joy was also married at All Saints Church.
The Crown Inn has changed owners many times, now being run by the Cooke Family whose family also owned the White Hart Hotel in Withy Road, sadly closing in 1964.
The current owner of The Crown Stores, Keith Balch has been ‘Shopkeeper’ since 1987 – still offering a good service and delivering your morning paper, rain, wind, shine and even in snow.
Written by
Myra Cox













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